At UKELC we understand the importance of a quick and knowledgeable service when dealing with the intricacies of employment rights within Insolvency Procedures.

Our personal hands-on service allows the insolvency practitioner to focus on the revenue making aspects of the procedure, safe in the knowledge that the responsibility for all employee related issues are in hand from day one.

Our extensive service minimises the input from the appointment takers and includes the following:


  • Completion and submission of Forms RP14 and RP14a
  • Consultation with staff/union representatives
  • Collation of employee and director information to substantiate claims
  • Redundancy and Non Adoption Letters
  • Completion and submission of Form HR1 to The Insolvency Service where necessary
  • Completion of the relevant pensions submissions to the Pension Protection Fund, the Pensions Regulator and Pension Provider

Calculation of

  • TUPE figures
  • Statement of Affairs Figures
  • Employees’ and RPS Preferential and Non-Preferential claims

Completion of

  • Benefit Agency Forms
  • Redundancy/Mortgage/Loan protection insurance forms
  • Inland Revenue requests
  • General references

Provision of

  • Onsite redundancy meetings and telephone support/assistance thereafter
  • Production and distribution of employee packs and processing of RP1 submissions
  • Dealing with Tribunal matters (pre-insolvency) and assisting on post IP appointment
  • Running payrolls in house or on site
  • Preparation of P45's, P35's and RTI Submission
  • Complete full pension reclaims from the RPS where necessary
  • Agree RPS Proof of debt claims for dividends on behalf of the Office Holder

With over 15 years of experience in the Insolvency trade we understand the time consuming burden that can arise following wholesale redundancies and the ever-changing obligations of Practitioners. This is reflected in our adaptable fee rates. Each insolvency is different and, as our clients will testify, our flexibility and professionalism is unrivalled. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs and legal obligations are satisfied in each case.